AES 2016 Spring Raspberry Pi Club


We start with this. A computer the size of a credit card.

The AES 2016 Raspberry Pi Club starts January 20, 2016 and I’m very excited to lead this group of (mostly) Middle Schoolers who are interested in gaining a deeper understanding of:

  • How computers actually work
  • Linux
  • Command Line Interfaces
  • Python coding
  • Hardware vs. software
  • Artificial Intelligence

We kick off next week and I’ll be blogging under Category /raspberry-pi as we go, documenting our progress, mistakes made, lessons learned. These blog posts will serve as a record of learning that concludes with our own AES Raspberry Jam where all members of the club will show off their individual Pi creations.


As a group, we’ll modify as we go so we are doing what is best for the club, but here’s a plan:

Getting Started

Week 1 – Understand your Pi

  • Identify processor, storage, and input/outputs
  • Plug-in components (video, keyboard, mouse, network, SD Card, Power)
  • Load Debian Linux and Raspian GUI

Section 1 – Turing Test

Week 2 – How do computers “think”?

  • All students will create a simple program in Python.

Week 3 – Can computers think for themselves?

  • All students will watch a chatbot and discuss how this works
  • All students will program in Python print statements to quickly understand training programs to provide output

Week 4 – Make a chatting robot

  • Our robots will chat out text that has been programmed

Section 2 – Hardware programming

Week 5 – Making a light blink based on your decisions

Week 6 – Detecting motion and sending alerts when something has entered a room

Section 3 – Student Led Raspberry Jam

Week 7 – So… what do you want to do with this?

Each student pitches an idea for their Pi. We will discuss how to go about it and expand on the idea. There will likely be an open week for members of the club to work on their project and come in for troubleshooting/feedback.

Week 8 – AES Raspberry Jam v1.0

  • Everyone shows off what they have created and how it was done!

Raspberry Pi

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