Micro Professional Development & Learning

Everyone in education realizes that Professional Development & Learning is at an absolute premium. There’s never enough time, there’s so much to retain and then you have to take all that information and work it into your existing world.

I came up with the concept of “micro PD” in response to a question I had, “what if every meeting had some professional learning integrated, no matter how small?” I’ve developed short, streamable animations as one answer to this question. These tutorials run quickly and loop to reinforce “how” and allow for easy following along.

These learning opportunities can be as short as 5 seconds! I think even the busiest person can give literally 5 seconds of their day and learning something new.

Doesn’t apply to your practice? Nothing lost, move on with your day.

Get you thinking about something bigger or make your life a little more efficient? Huge % return on your learning investment.

Here’s my first prototype: