Working Around the ManageBac Annotation Upgrade

A new “feature” of the recent ManageBac upgrade is an overhaul of the annotation plugin which now uses Vantage to allow you to markup documents submitted by your students. Default instructions here.

Unfortunately for many of us, this implementation didn’t keep in mind that not everyone has a super widescreen monitor to work on. This results in a less than optimal way of annotating, but there is a workaround.

Currently, if you annotate on a standard laptop screen, you’ll find that you are highlighting and creating boxes around text to comment on only without any comment box to attach. It appears you are just highlighting.

The workaround on this is to reduce your browser view magnification until the sidebar shows up. View > Zoom Out

Make sure you have the “Details” button toggled and you’ll see a comment box connected to any highlights and/or area boxes you’ve created to comment on.

Once you are done, be sure to View > Actual Size to ensure your browser is back to its default magnification.

Hopefully, we’ll see a responsive fix to this issue in future ManageBac updates!

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