ManageBac – Viewing & Importing Tasks, Units, Messages, etc. from Past Classes

As your school moves from year to year, you may wish to bring over units, tasks, and messages from years past.

Add Task Resources

The first approach is to Add Task Resources. Choose your class, then Tasks, and then Add resources. You can filter these down by Teacher, Category, and/or Grade. Select a few or Select all, and press the “Add Resources” button on the bottom.

View Archived Classes

If you aren’t finding what you are looking for by adding Task Resources, “Archived Classes” is where you can find all historical information. Start by clicking “Classes” and then “Archived Classes”. On the right side, you may “Search by class name or ID”, “Search by Teacher”, and Filter by Class levels.

This info is not available to import. You may view, copy, and paste any unit information, messages, and other content from here.

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