Unarchiving Observer Roles in ManageBac

While ManageBac allows for backend searching for users to include those historically archived, it’s currently missing this option for the “Observer” role.

I recently created a solution worth sharing until ManageBac resolves this properly. ManageBac already has the functionality to unarchive those in the Observer role, just not the UI checkbox to do so. After following the few steps below, you’ll have access to those archived and can unarchive as needed.

Keep in mind these instructions are using Google Chrome, but the process would be similar in Firefox.

Step 1 – “Inspect” tracking down the area to modify

In your ManageBac school directory, head to “Observers” tab, right click and choose “Inspect”. The area you are looking for here is:

<div class="flex-row center">

Step 2 – Edit the HTML of this area

Right-click on this block and choose “Edit as HTML”. Things will reformat giving you an HTML code version of this div and those nested within. Copy this entire block and paste the following:

 <div class="flex-row center">
 <div class="cell stretch">
 <div class="form-group string required search_search_by_key_fields"><input class="string required form-control" id="search_search_by_key_fields" name="search[search_by_key_fields]" placeholder="Search by Name or E-mail" type="text"></div>
 <div class="cell"><div class="form-group boolean optional search_archived_not_null"><div class="checkbox"><input class="boolean optional" id="search_archived_not_null" name="search[archived_not_null]" type="checkbox" value="1"><label class="boolean optional" for="search_archived_not_null">Show archived</label></div></div></div>
 <div class="cell"><input class="btn btn-main" data-disable-with="Processing..." name="commit" type="submit" value="Search"></div>

Click outside of the div to set the changes temporarily. You can now check the “archived” box and display “Observer” accounts not visible earlier.

As we are doing this work in the inspector, the inclusion of the checkbox is only local on your browser. As soon as you leave the page or refresh, you’ll find the default state of no checkbox until ManageBac resolves this officially.

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