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With a wide range of experience in and out of education, I offer an equal range of education technology based consultancy services. As one-off recommendations and studies to promote best practice or bundled as a holistic upgrade within your school, we can work together to tailor-fit the best solution for your school’s needs – short-term and long-term.

3D Modeling

Students modeling a 3D plane for printing

Having both a background in working for the largest 3D printing companies in the world – Stratasys, and as a Tinkercad Advisory Board member, I’ve worked deep in the details of 3D modeling both in free-to-use software all the way to 3D printed prototyping.

Working with your students directly or with teachers as a professional development opportunity, together we can bring 3D modeling to life from grade levels 3-12, enabling students to build small objects and giant cities without the constraints of materials, space or cost.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

A student reaching out to touch something she could have not have created any other way

If you are ready to jump-start your school into the 21st century of technology education, there is little ed. tech. with the vast potential of Virtual and Augmented Reality. A few examples of what we may accomplish:

As an independent advancement in your school, or bundled with 3D modeling, we will work together to best find opportunities within your existing lesson plans and school curriculum that can scale from small budgets to full road-mapped VR classroom solutions.


I create custom breakout websites for you, your department or your school. These can be created independently of your school’s current website abilities or integrated within. We will discuss the types of puzzles to solve with integrate with your lessons and I’ll take care of the rest.

I’m also working on VR Breakouts for Education – more on that soon, but if you’d like to be a pilot school, please let me know!

Raspberry Pi

4th grade Raspberry Pi project to control a fire fighting robot.

Together we will build a computing unit using Raspberry Pi computer systems to better understand how computers work by building our own. We will connect this understanding the real world by deconstructing and re-create traffic lights with prototypes of improving computing systems for people all over the world.

Google for Education Certification

Google Certified Trainer

As a Google for Education Certified Trainer, I work with your team to establish a timeline for certifying some or all of your staff for the entire Google for Education Suite. We may pursue Level 1 now, Level 2 later, or march through both certifications in about 20 hours for each level of certification. 

What is wonderful about the Google Certification is the collaboration in small teams of teachers as we uncover not just the technical training, but how the Google for Education Suite can guide teaching practice towards more efficient, collaborative experience for both educators and students.

And more!

I also provide services such as:

  • Website development and content creation training for your public facing website or as an internal communication tool. 
  • Student Information System – Let’s take a deep dive into the inner workings and needs of your school to best choose and migrate your current system that links admissions through reporting to college acceptances – plus all the details in between such as health records, report cards, transcripts, and co-curricular activities.
  • Coding opportunities use Scratch and Python.

Learning to program in Scratch

If you have an education technology need for your scale of any sort, let’s chat it out and determine the best path forward for you, your school, your staff, and your students.