Education Technologist, Google Certified Educator, Open Source Advocate & Digital Humanitarian

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Clint Carlson

I have a passion for learning, teaching, and enabling other educators. I have over 20 years background as a leader in education technology and holistic communication management with a focus on capacity building. My enthusiasm for technology in education is deeply rooted in a belief that education is the source of improving humanity. My role in Educational Technology enables learning cultures with collaborative, intuitive systems, which raise the learning of entire generations.

In my current role as Assistant Director of Technology, I manage our full Systems & Support, PowerSchool team, network, data integrity, and websites for all teachers and student. I administer our Virtual School compliance with the U.S. State Department, developed and run our Raspberry Pi Club, am on call as a campus emergency first responder and advise our Animal Shelter Club which provides outreach between students and a local shelter in Delhi.

I have a diverse background of experience (designer, developer, project manager, trainer, strategist, and leader) in many industries (education, private, corporate, NGO, United Nations). This has provided me a wide “from the ground up” intuition to support teachers, administrators, team members, and students in ways rarely found in education technology. I’m often involved in projects that don’t directly impact my team as I bring in fresh ideas and brainstorming for short and long term scenarios.

While certainly technical, my style is also a departure from the common path of treating technology as “computer problems”. My experience focusing the power of online communication back to the individual is amplified by my digital humanitarianism – helping those who help others to provide exponential, lasting good.